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The Premier Clip In Hair Extensions

Extensions are great in many different ways. If you want to add length to your hair, add body, you can use clip-on extensions. You can buy clip in hair extensions online or at your local beauty supply store.

You can wash them, re-wear them, curl them, blow dry them, flat iron them – put them back in your cabinet, hide them from your husband, he doesn’t need to know they’re there – and they’re so easy to put in and put out. They come in two different lengths.

Usually it’s 14 to 16 inches and the other is 18-20”. So, these are 14-16”. They blend the best with my hair. The back pieces come in three different pieces. So, one’s bigger than the next, and then you have the biggest. A lot of times these come in fours.

What I do, what the trick for me is, because the fourth one I never typically need to use, and the side pieces are generally, there’s only two on each side and then they give you a clip to add to it. Sometimes what I usually do is I take the fourth piece and I cut it.

Just like, and I make it into three and then I have these extra pieces on the side and it just makes my life so much easier, I don’t have to add a clip, but I sectioned off the bottom of the hair, the hair closest to the nape of your neck, mine already have a little curl in it, because probably a curl from last weekend. So, clip that right in there.

Clip In Hair Extensions For Fine Hair

Now you can, if you have really fine hair, you can tease it at the base and then clip it in. I can show you on one just so that sometimes, you find that if you do have fine hair, they tend to slide.

What you can do is, take a comb and tease that at the base, and then that will help your extension to stay.

So, the second piece, I’m going to use the biggest piece, because it’s from ear to ear so I’ll put that right in and if you tease your hair, it’s not moving, so you’ll be good, and you wont have to worry about your hair falling out on the dance floor at least until the end of the night And you know what if you have straight hair and you want to wear these straight and keep them straight and you just, like, want to run around and have longer hair and run all your errands and just feel hot and sexy while you do it, throw these in, it’ll take you a few minutes.

Ok, so the last piece is the third, would’ve been the second, biggest piece and it’ll go on the very top and, I mean, I may have cut mine a little bit too blunt, but generally if you’re layering them and their coming at the same length their going to layer already in your hair.

So, for my sides, since I’ve already cut my fourth piece, I’m going to, because this has a little extra side, I’m going to put it on my side towards the back. Just clip it right in there, there’s a little excess but since its on the bottom and you want to fill that in anyway, it works out really well. And you know what?

This is such a good staple for any woman, not any woman but lots of women just to have in their bathroom cabinet you know it’s…it’ll… it gives your hair more versatility, to be able to do more with it you know, if your hair like some people, you know, I feel like my hair does not grow past the length that it’s at – it drives me crazy, so it’s nice to have this option to just throw it in my hair whenever I feel like it.

Like, see, you can already see the difference from side to side, and this is just with two pieces. So, that third piece you leave in.

Now that I’ve cut that fourth piece in the back into three, this now gives me three pieces on the side with the largest piece at the bottom.

And you know what? You can customize it. ou don’t even need to cut the fourth piece.

If you need extra in the back then, you know, keep it as is. You can use the two side pieces and, just, it depends on each person’s head. I’m just sectioning mine with my clip, it’s easiest for me.

If you need to use a comb, or you can try chopsticks, easy to use because they give you a straight line. So, you can see I mean this gives me so much volume and length and I feel like it glamorizes my hair in minutes. So, this is a great way to give your hair a little bit of change for Saturday night.

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