Ethically Sourced Human Hair Extensions

In the current day and age of online shopping, it is important to be conscious of the social and environmental impact of your online purchases. PEARL Hair understands the importance of supporting brands who promote ethically sourced goods & ethical treatment of their employees.

There is nothing wrong with wanting gorgeous locks. In fact, Human Hair Extensions can be seen often in mainstream media and are worn by women worldwide on a daily basis. However, the lack of regulation in the market has created a booming black market for human hair, and it is almost impossible to tell whether hair has been donated, sold or stolen.

PEARL Hair Extensions & Wigs believes in the quality of our hair, as well as practicing business in a fair & sustainable way. All human hair extensions sold by PEARL are 100% ethically sourced Brazilian hair, that have been donated by a willing donor in exchange for a reasonable price. 



Due to the lack of regulations in the hair extension market, any set of extensions can be marketed as REMY, when in fact it is nothing close. Many vendors with gather fallen hair from temples and salons, have this hair sent to factories to be processed further. Many dishonest manufactures bound together hair with silicone and market it as Remy hair. This process removes the cuticle and creates tangled, lifeless hair.

PEARL hair extensions come from a single donor, who willingly sell their hair for a fair price. Just as hair can be mistreated my manufacturers, humans can be treated just as badly too. Unfortunately, crimes such as stealing hair off dead bodies and kidnapping women & children for their hair is not uncommon.

PEARL Hair Extensions & Wigs also ensure that our factory employees are treated well, paid fairly and are given the same rights that an American employee would have.

Feel any differently about cheap hair extensions from eBay or Amazon now? We hope that you will make informed decisions about where you spend your money & focus not only on the quality, but the social impact of your online purchases. Put a stop to the exploitation in the hair market, and choose ethically sourced human hair extensions from PEARL Hair Extensions & Wigs.

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