Should Your Eyebrows Match Your Hair Color?

If you’ve been getting tired & are looking for something new to spice up your look, don’t jump straight to the scissors just yet! Spice up an old look overnight without making dramatic changes to your actual hairstyle by changing your hair color, either at home or with a professional.

Dying your hair a different color is an instant way to refresh your look, and make you feel brand new. That being said though, changing your hair color can be a difficult process. For a less complicated change, consider wearing a wig or trying colored hair extensions to create a new vibe.

When changing to a new hair color, there are a few other things you will need to keep in mind, one of which being if you are going to dye your now mismatched eyebrows.


Changing hair color is a process, we know. But here are three great reasons you might want to consider matching your eyebrows to your new hair color:

  • If you want to give the impression that your new hair color is your natural hair color, then dying your brows to suit your new color is a must! Having mismatched brows will just give you away straight away.
  • To all the fashion forward girls out there, coloring your eyebrows is a must to make sure your looks stays clean, matching and well put. 
  • Mismatching eyebrows can ruin your look & look very out of place if the color combination contrasts too much with your new hair. This is especially so for dramatic changes from light to dark/dark to light, as black hair and blonde eyebrows rarely suits anyone.


Dying your eyebrows is not your only option when it comes to changing the color of your brows. There are many temporary options at your disposal for those days you’re temporarily matching your brows to your hair extensions. 

Consider trying an eyebrow mascara instead of a permanent dye. Apply the brow mascara over your eyebrows as you would with regular mascara on your eyelashes. Wearing eyebrow mascara will comb your eyebrows into a tame shape, and tint over your brows with the color.

Another commitment free option to try would be an eyebrow mask. Most eyebrow masks are naturally tinted, and leave behind a natural looking color you’ll need to match your new hair. Eyebrow masks also promote healthy eyebrow hair growth too, so theres more than one reason to give them a try.

We hope this post has helped you decide to dye or not to dye your eyebrows. Have any other alternatives to dye? Share them with us in the comments below!

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